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Uncoupling and Coupling Drills
Walks you through getting a trailer coupled to your vehicle, following all the safety steps.
Rules on Drivers' Hours and Tachographs
This guide provides advice to drivers and operators of goods vehicles, whether used privately or commercially. It explains the rules for drivers' hours and the keeping of records, and it replaces publication GV 262 (dated December 2006).
Trailer training & Preparation for the B+E Test
Establish the base level of experience and knowledge about trailers and towing.
Quick guide to towing small trailers
Towing leaflet containg useful advice in a handy foldable format.
Category B+E Safety Questions
List of all safety questions for Category B+E Test.
Requirements for towing trailer in Great Britain
This leaflet contains information about changes in entitlement to tow trailers.
Joining Instructions
How to find trailer instructor and what you need to bring for training and the test.
The Highways Agency Guide to Towing.
Service Records
Blank Maintence records for trailer servicing.
Risk Assessment
Blank risk assessment form. [odt] [doc]
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